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BEST Managers

The BEST Managers course is most effective when it is designed around your internal standards, procedures and procedures. Various elements of the course can be aligned to ensure your managers get the most out of their training day with us. Contact us to find out more 


The aim of this course is to provide delegates who have managerial or supervisory responsibilities for environmental issues with relevant and useful information to assist in the performance of their assigned roles. The BEST for Managers course has been designed to be both informative and interactive and includes the use of group discussions and short break out exercises.

Course Content 

  • Why managing the environment makes – Moral, Legal and Financial sense
  • Who is responsible for environmental management?
  • Effective controls and Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Global-National-Regional legal compliance issues and requirements
  • The Role of the Regulator
  • Identifying Environmental Aspects and Impacts
  • Best practice sharing and effective approaches to the management of environmental issues

What are the expected outcomes of your course?

On completion of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the main environmental challenges facing the oil and gas industry
  • Appreciate the regulatory and permitting issues to which operators are subject
  • Increase personal knowledge of formal/regulatory inspections and reporting mechanisms
  • Improve personal efficiency when assisting with the management of company environmental goals and targets
  • Suitable for: supervisors, team leaders and managers who have responsibility for environmental compliance

Prior Knowledge/Training: None required

Course Duration: 1 Day Numbers: Min 6, Max 12