Hi, I’m Jill, and I run the E-Reps Network. I do this because I’m passionate about the environment and the people who work in the oil and gas industry. My goal is to see the workforce become more engaged in the industry and the environmental responsibilities and challenges they face.

 To do that, we offer expert training for our delegates, but all done in a friendly and open manner where we can inspire, motivate and create enthusiasm. The training sessions are informative, relaxed, fun and offer a great environment for people to learn from us, and from each other, sharing industry and expertise throughout.



2019 Training Calendar

BEST for E-Reps(2 Days)

January 23rd-24th 2019, Aberdeen

March 20th-21st 2019, Aberdeen

May 29th-30th, Aberdeen

June 26th-27th, Aberdeen

September 18th-19th, Aberdeen

November 6th-7th, Aberdeen

December 4th-5th, Aberdeen

AEST (1 Day)

March 4th, Aberdeen 

June 20th, Aberdeen 

BEST Drilling (1 Day) February 28th, Aberdeen
BEST Managers (1 Day) March 26th, Aberdeen


BEST 1 Day

January 23rd 2019, Aberdeen

March 20th 2019, Aberdeen

May 29th 2019, Aberdeen


Basic Environmental Skills Training for E-Reps-BEST

This course is among our most popular, and it gives an opportunity to engage those in the workforce who are directly involved in environmental issues and activities, such as Environmental Reps and Supervisors. As well as providing actionable information to support their roles, we have put together interactive group and breakout sessions and discussions. By working in group, participants can learn from many different experiences and perspectives, and provide whole group feedback on specific environmental topics.

This is a two day course, click here for further information. 

BEST 1 Day

Taking part in the first day of our popular BEST for E-Reps course provides an introduction to global and regional environmental issues, legislation and good practice for anyone looking to up-skill their green credentials. This informative, interactive learning experience has been designed for HSE professionals, new entrants to the indstry and anyone who wants to understand offshore environmental compliance.


Advanced BEST 

Are you looking to take your knowledge, skills and career to the next level? Great! This course has been specifically designed for those with further environmental training needs, as well as Technical Safety Engineers, HSE and Environmental Advisors who are tasked with MEI identification and assessment (Safety Case Regulations 2015). This course takes a closer look at safety, liability, environmental management, professional expectations, best practice, and compliance, with discussions and case studies throughout.

This is a one day course. Detailed information can be found in the flyer below.

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BEST Drilling 

There are so many concerned parties when it comes to the offshore industry and the environmental impacts associated. Just think of the regulators, investors, insurers, customers and communities affected by the large scale of the work we do.

Our aim is to increase the knowledge and understanding of environmental management professionals and those associated with drilling activities. The benefits of effective environmental management are evident, such as efficiency savings, lower operating costs, greater market share and improved business reputation. 

For the offshore workforce to be compliant in the improvement of drilling knowledge, there has to be a willingness and an investment to develop the necessary skills when it comes to identifying, managing and mitigating environmental risks.

Read the flyer below to find out what takes place on this popular one day course.

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BEST Managers

We’ve found that the best style of management is one that listens to the good information coming up, and sends strong instructions down. The oil and gas industry is high hazard, putting a great deal of responsibility on management level professionals to make sure their teams understand the consequences of their activities.

Protecting the environment is important, so how confident are you that you really know about compliance, regulations, legislation, requirements, liabilities and the consequences of environmental management?

Whether you’re looking to refresh and update your knowledge, or you simply want more steel behind how you manage your responsibilities, this course is going to provide great assistance and information. 

Find out what happens on a BEST Managers course by viewing the flyer below

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Bespoke courses available on request to align with internal management practices.


Chartered Institute of Waste Management Waste Smart Foundation Course

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