Get back on the horse!

13 Sep 17

Do you know someone affected by job losses? Are they desperate to get back to work but don't know where to start? Having been on that slippery slope myself I know its very easy to fall in to a pretty dark place....I was fortunate enough to have developed a huge working network over the years and along with the help of a few side hustles, I was back to work in no time.

But, I understand its not that easy for others. So I want to offer those people looking for new opportunities, the opportunity to get back out there, get talking to people, build their confidence and get back on that work horse!

This years E-Reps Forum is on October 4th at Pittodrie Stadium. Its not all about dolphin tickling and tree hugging, you will meet people from major operating companies, service providers, regulators and NGOs. This years theme is the 'New Norm' with a slant on decommissioning. Whatever your background, this event is all about informal relaxed networking, making new connections and hearing about new technologies. Exactly what someone looking for work needs to be doing! Oh and did I mention legendary weatherman and hurricane predictor Michael Fish will be there?

To really add value, I have teamed up with technical recruitment agency Red Wave and experienced performance coaches who will be there, on the day to offer a great package of confidence building, helpful advice and guidance.

Understanding people are worrying about money, I am offering this to those out of work for only £5 to cover admin costs. In addition, if you'd like to attend the free drinks reception and networking session after the main event between 4-6 pm, that's free-and includes beer!

I know this isn't Facebook but tag a mate who would benefit from this and lets get these guys back to work! As my Mam says, your better when your boxing!