E-Reps Network Launches BiteSize Learning

28 Nov 17

The E-Reps Forum is delighted to launch the 'BiteSize Learning' series of informative lunchtime meetings. Our first session is delivered  in association with Claire Carden of Carden Consulting, and focuses on Energy Efficiency.

'As a nation, if we all subscribed to energy-efficient practices and invested in technologies to improve our energy efficiency, Scotland would have power stations surplus to requirement. Even without investing in technologies many organisations can save between 5% and 15% of their energy consumption, and not just by turning off the lights, reduce the thermostat setting, and insulating the roof space, though these can help.

Having completed over 450 energy audits in Scotland for clients ranging from golf clubs, to care homes, to fabrication services and manufacturing, I continue to see everyday practices that surprise me and am often reminded of the complexity of the issues involved. In this presentation I will invite you to join me in a discussion of the relative financial cost and CO2 output of different energy sources, and how we can improve energy efficiency in a wide range of everyday examples taken from audits in different sectors. Certificates of attendance will be issued.'

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About Clare

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Clare studied mechanical engineering and, after a spell in the gas turbine industry, did her PhD at Imperial College.  She then worked in the BP Research Centre before following her interest in conserving resources, and energy in particular, at the Building Research Establishment.  For some years she worked abroad as an independent consultant and in 2001 moved to Aberdeen and set up Carden Consulting, an independent consultancy, doing energy audits in a wide range of non-domestic premises for both large and small organisations. 

As an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor, Clare enabled a number of large organisations to comply with their legal obligations in the first round and is starting on the second round. Clare is also an independent auditor for the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), trying to ensure that home-owners are treated fairly when they buy a renewable energy system.

Clare is a chartered engineer, a certified energy manager with the UK Association of Energy Engineers, and a member of the Energy Institute.

Clare Carden, BSc, PhD, CEng, CEM-I, MEI

Carden Consulting


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