E-Reps Insights 20 Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

26 Aug 20

E-Reps Insights 20 presents ideas, inspiration and environmental solutions to
the oil and gas industry to inspire sustainable change. Bringing together
operators, contractors, regulators and the supply chain, we provide a
platform to listen, learn, network and share. Our approach of including the
workforce and decision makers drives behavioural change from the top down
and bottom up.

Now in our 9th year, we are moving with the times into a new digital space.
This allows the event to grow and evolve to suit market conditions and opens
the door to unlimited possibilities.

Working with the game changers at www.launchinteractions.io/ the event
brings together everything we know about epic engagement on a global
scale! In addition to the industry expert speakers, we have online feeds,
virtual exhibitors, break out rooms, gamification, AI and 121 conversations
through the day and beyond! We don’t just use conference style delivery, we
have video, 3D imagery, games, message feeds and pulse checks to gauge
delegate interaction. This is digital tech used to the very best advantage and
will bring together a focused group of individuals who will drive sustainable
change and reinforce the triple bottom line. People, planet, profit.