BEST ReWired

09 Oct 17

The BEST course was developed by environmental engineers in 2010 with buy-in from operators, BEIS and OGUK. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength attracting over 600 delegates in 7 years. I launched the E-Reps Forum in 2012 in response to the feedback from E-Reps who had attended the course-how could they find out more about their role, how could they develop their skills?

From the beginning, I have been passionate about communicating the environmental message to as wide an audience as possible, and nothing gives me a greater buzz than seeing a class of delegates leaving the course all fired up with ideas to implement at their work site. From October 2017, and following the closure of Anartya, all BEST courses will be delivered through the E-Reps Network. Having been involved from the beginning, I am very excited to be driving this change and will be developing and adding to the existing courses in response to the industry’s changing needs. From the delegates perspective, it is business as usual - same course aims, same trainers, same experience. Visit the stand today and share your thoughts. The success of the course comes from the ‘hands on’ delivery, delegate interaction and shared experiences so let’s keep doing what we do BEST!