A Few Words With Michael 'The Hurricane' Fish

07 Oct 17

Michael Fish MBE Keynote speaker at E-Reps Forum 2017

The well known weather forecaster and TV, radio and new media broadcaster to the UK and the world for over 44 years.

What’s the forecast? E-Reps Forum provides opportunity for a change in our outlook Michael Fish MBE is a distinguished weather forecaster with more than 40 years’ experience. He is an advocate for promoting action on climate change and is today’s guest speaker.


I am thrilled to be in Aberdeen to take part in this year’s E-Reps Forum. It is an exciting opportunity to relay my knowledge and experience on environmental issues. I used to be a fairly regular visitor to Aberdeen to carry out forecasts for the oil and gas industry and today - against a backdrop of difficult conditions for the energy sector - I hope to bring attention to an issue I feel passionate about. This Forum is a great platform for discussing ideas on how to effectively share responsibility for the environment, and how we all have a role to play in ensuring sound environmental principles remain at the top of the agenda. With the E-Reps Forum being in its sixth year, it is fantastic that the sector is taking the environment seriously and striving to develop new thinking and better solutions.

My own presentation will be focussed on a range of global warming and climate change issues, which I hope will be of interest and spark debate. There is no doubt that climate change is a very real and serious issue facing the world, and there is no doubt that fossil fuels are a major contributing factor. While there has been significant progress, there is clearly more to be done. Now, I’m more than ready for mentions of the infamous “hurricane” incident of 1987. In fact, if I had a penny for every time it was raised I would be a multi-millionaire. The media misreporting of THAT weather forecast has put me in the wider public eye and kept me there, though.

Thirty years on - almost to the day - I am here talking to you about the climate issues facing our world today. I have been fortunate enough to continue working with the Met Office and the BBC now and again. I even featured (yes, that weather forecast clip again) as part of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony... it’s all been a whirlwind! I hope you enjoy today’s event and take on board the useful and expert advice from the speakers and others attending today. I would also like to thank Jill Butler-Rennie for organising this event which brings ideas and influencers together, year in, year out.