Coaching & Consultancy

Although the role of e-reps is established in most UKCS Operators, the development of reporting structures and a frame work of activities is often difficult to implement. We can work with your company to develop a comprehensive range of tools, procedures and manuals tailored around your existing processes and activities. We can also provide ad-hoc consultants to work alongside your onshore and offshore teams to provide coaching, carry out gap analysis, culture surveys and support the implementation of your E-Reps activities.

For many years, Operators have struggled to demonstrate effective workforce engagement on Major Accident Hazards (MAH) and the Safety Case. They are legally obliged to inform the workforce, through the elected safety reps, on the hazards and how they are managed. The latest revision of the regulations in 2015 includes the requirement to include Major Environmental Incidents (MEI) within the Safety Case regime but what does this mean for work force representatives? As we discuss in the article ‘Realising the Value of E-Reps’, the additional requirements can provide an excellent platform for E-reps to have a voice. But how can operators ensure this is an effective and meaningful engagement?

This is where the E-Reps Network can help. Through our Network of specialists, we can tap in to extensive experience from training, facilitation and engagement sessions on safety and environmental issues. Our consultants come from a range of HSE, E, technical safety and environmental engineering backgrounds working in the UK and internationally on safety and environmental compliance, identification and management of safety and environmental critical equipment, Safety Case and COMAH case delivery, hazard identification studies and risk management.

How Can We Help?

  • Identify engagement opportunities throughout the Safety Case and MEI identification cycle
  • Design and development of bespoke workforce engagement packages for safety and environmental representatives covering your Major Accident Hazards and the associated Major Environmental Incidents
  • An introduction to consequence analysis for MEI
  • An overview of quantative and qualitative risk assessment methodologies for MEI
  • Understanding the role of Safety and Environmental Critical Elements in managing MEI in the prevent, detect, control, mitigate, respond framework
  • Provide guidance and material to assist your workforce representatives in communicating the MEI message

Your Organisation Will Benefit From:

  • Experienced safety and environmental professionals able to communicate  with your workforce from the top down and bottom up
  • A knowledgeable workforce which feels valued and engaged
  • A harmonized approach to upskilling safety and environmental representatives
  • Demonstrable workforce engagement deliverbales and feedback sessions to satisfy SCR15 requirements
  • Face to face personalised facilitated sessions onshore and offshore
  • Tailored packages for all levels of your organisation
  • Easy to digest, graphical assessments of your MEI